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Bleu Matra (French text)

Bleu Matra book
  A new book published in July 2020 about Matra racing.
  These are hardback with 240 pages and nearly 600 colour photos.
  The authors are Luc Joly, Yves Ronga and Serge Cailler.
  The publisher is ETAI, ISBN: 9791028304201. Retail was 59.00 Euro.
  Amazon have one left and they are charging 49.41 GBP now!

Murena S

Talbot 1978-1987 (French text)

Talbot book
  A new book published in June 2020, titled Talbot 1978-1986 but in reality it covers the whole of Simca
  from the early fifties with FIAT right up to the end in 1986 with PSA and Talbot.
  These are hardback books with 192 pages including many colour photos.
  The author is Dominique Pagneux.
  The publisher is ETAI, ISBN: 9791028303754. Retail was 45.00 Euro.
  Amazon have two left and they are charging 36.51 GBP now!

New U.K. M.o.T. and rules from the 20th May 2018

There are new failure categories including Dangerous, Major and Minor, plus a Pass with advisories, and a straight Pass.
Vehicles older than 40 years, as long as they have no substantial alterations, will no longer requiring an M.o.T. This includes
any of the 250 Bagheera brought over in 1977 that are still on the road, plus any previously imported, or even later imports as
long as they were manufactured before May 1978. Testing can still be done voluntarily.

Please don't use this as an excuse to have an old car on the road that is unsafe. The rules have been decided upon the basis
that cars this age and older are mostly looked after by enthusiasts and kept in excellent condition, and the failure rates have
always been much lower than with modern cars. If they see a rise in badly maintained old cars on the road or involved in
accidents, this could result in changes to allowing the vehicles to be untested and it could cause insurance costs to increase,
as they may consider these untested cars a liability. Please help keep the good name of classic car owners and enthusiasts.

Avantime book. (French text)

Published March 2017 a new hardback book on the Avantime by Andre Dewael (preface Jean-Luc Brossard)
publisher ETAI, ISBN-13: 979-1028301750. Retail approx. 29.90 Euro. Amazon have some at 24.87 GBP
Note Amazon list all these books as paperback but they are actually hardback! M530 SX

Espace book. (French text)

Published May 2016 a new hardback book on the Espace by Andre Dewael, (preface Philippe Guédon)
publisher ETAI, ISBN-13: 979-1028301019. Retail 29.90 Euro or 24.60 GBP.

Murena book. (French text)

Published May 2012 a new hardback book (with cover jacket) on the Murena by Andre Dewael, (preface Jean-Pierre Beltoise)
publisher ETAI ISBN 978-2726896105 Retail 39.60 Euro or 28.00 GBP.

Otto 1:18 scale models.

A high quality 18th scale model of the M530 SX in red from Ottomobile, will be available in the new year, as will a green version
of the Avantime. Avantime Like all the other limited edition Otto 1:18 scale models book early if you want one! All other Djet/Jet, M530,
Bagheera, Rancho, Murena, Espace incl. F1 and Avantime all sold out now. (but are sometimes offered for sale on the internet)

Matra by Brooklands Books. (English)

A 200 page updated version now available, includes the Espace and Avantime.
Road tests portfolio, softback cover ISBN 978-1855209459

Patrick Le Quement book.

Published September 2011 about the life of Patrick le Quement, 40 years of design from Ford to Renault (English version). Publisher ETAI.

Bagheera book. (French text)

Published November 2010 a new hardback book (with cover jacket) on the Bagheera by Andre Dewael,
publisher ETAI Retail 39.60 Euro.

Murena 2.2 slave cylinder circlip.

See the alternative parts page, Murena clutch and gearbox section.

Murena rear hub nuts.

See the alternative parts page, Murena, general section.

Accurate Models

Now available (mostly on eBay) new models of the Bagheera 1 & 2, Rancho, Murena and Espace 1 Ph2.
These are all 1/43rd scale diecasts, made in China and labelled IXO, and they are extremely well detailed.

Also reportedly available now are 1/43rd scale models of the Matra M25 and the Bagheera U8!
I don't have any further information on these, so see the specialist press for further information.

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