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Bagheera S1

Bagheera Series I 1:18 scale model.

A high quality 18th scale model of the Series I Bagheera will be produced for September 2016 by Ottomobile. Only a limited
number will be available, so if you wish to secure one, I suggest you pre-order it. It will soon get sold out like all the other Matra models.

Murena book.

Published May 2012 a new hardback book on the Murena by Andre Dewael, publisher ETAI Retail 39.60 Euro.
I managed to get a copy through Amazon UK ISBN 978-2-7268-9610-5
Djet 5S

Djet 5S 1:18 scale model.

A high quality 18th scale model of the Djet 5S was available from Ottomobile in red,
similar to the earlier blue model with Gendarme livery. Now sold out.

Other Otto 1:18 scale models produced: Avantime, Espace F1, Bagheera S and X, M530A. All sold out too.

Matra Brooklands Book.

A 200 page updated version now available, includes the Espace and Avantime.
See the March club magazine for full details.

Patrick Le Quement book.

Published September 2011 about the life of Patrick le Quement, 40 years of design from Ford to Renault (English version). Publisher ETAI.

Bagheera book.

Published November 2010 a new book on the Bagheera by Andre Dewael, publisher ETAI Retail 39.60 Euro.

Murena 2.2 slave cylinder circlip.

See the alternative parts page, Murena clutch and gearbox section.

Murena rear hub nuts.

See the alternative parts page, Murena, general section.

Murena door mirror spare parts.

See the club magazine for the latest news...
Also the Matra Passion website. See also my FAQ pages for details and links.

Accurate Models

Now available (mostly on eBay) new models of the Bagheera 1 & 2, Rancho, Murena and Espace 1 Ph2.
These are all 1/43rd scale diecasts, made in China and labelled IXO, and they are extremely well detailed.

Also reportedly available now are 1/43rd scale models of the Matra M25 and the Bagheera U8!
I don't have any further information on these, so see the specialist press for further information.

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