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Matra in Canada & North America

Various States with Matra cars

Since the old North American Matra Register (NAMR) provided by W.Koopman, folded some years ago, I am now providing this list in case it might help other Matra owners in the North American continent to see which other cars may exist and where, as they may not realise someone else has a Matra and lives relatively close and maybe they could meet sometime, or simply contact other owners.

The following list contains the cars I know have been in North America over past years. I have photos of some, and some I know are still current as I am in contact with their owners, but some of the data will be out of date now, partly as certain owners never gave their chassis number, nor have they informed me when their car has changed ownership or possibly been destroyed, so I would be grateful if you can provide current details of any Matra you have or know about in the U.S.A., to help make this more accurate, thank you. (see details at the bottom of the page)

I will never publish any details for general viewing, except as in the list below, nor give out any owners details to others without first checking with you if that is acceptable to you, so be assured your information is safe. I should also add that except for email addresses, I store data manually so it cannot be hacked as it is not connected to the internet!
Please contact me using this quick link.

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This was last updated 7th March 2024