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logo If you wish to see photographs and descriptions of any, or all, of the models in the Matra range, rather than duplicating a lot of the work done by Lennart Sorth from Denmark and a Murena 1.9 owner, I feel I can do no better than link you to the wealth of information on his web pages.
Whilst the Murena was originally available with Talbot 1.6 or 2.2 litre engines, some of the 1.6 Simca 1307/1308 or Talbot Alpine/Solara engined cars have been modified to take the later and more powerful carburettor or fuel injected 8- or 16-valve Peugeot XU engines similar to those used in the 205GTi.
Lennart's car is a fuel injected 8 valve conversion. More details on his website.   (The following links will take you away from my website)

Mid-engined Sports Cars:

MPV or People Carriers:

Djet - World's first production mid-engined coupé
Rancho - 5/7 seater utility vehicle
M530A - A 2+2 mid-engined targa roof sports
Espace - 5/7 seater multi-purpose vehicle
Bagheera - First 3 seater mid-engined coupé
Avantime - 4 seater luxury coupé
Murena - 3 seater mid-engined coupé

Other Matra or associated websites:

UK Avantime owners website: Avantime Website
Lennart's website links: Matra Website URLs
Matra Museum in Romorantin: Matra Museum

Matra Passion Website
Club Djet Website
Amicale 530 Website
Club Matra BMR Website
Matramania Club Website
Simca & Matra Sports Club NL
Matra Club Deutschland Website
Portuguese Club Website
Simca Club UK Website
Amicale CG Club Website

At the request of an after school education program for special children
Emily and Melissa found this webpage : History of the wheel  which you might find interesting.  

There was a Matra Register in the USA a few years back, but it no longer exists.
Anyone wanting to contact Walter Koopman could try writing to:
Walt Koopman in Millsboro, 19966 Delaware. For further details click here.

Matra Maillist:

There used to be a maillist hosted by but it appears to have closed.
There has been no notification to this effect, but I have now had failure notices stating
'the ISP cannot be found'. So it seems the list has closed owing to lack of use.

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