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Alternative Parts

While many Espace parts can be obtained from the Renault network, they are often very expensive and some of the more straight forward
items can be found at local motor factors if you know what to ask for. Below I list some of the alternatives found by myself and others.

Click here Espace Parts to see the list of Espace parts I have for sale.
Series 1 Phase II
Series 1 Phase I
Every reasonable attempt is made to ensure the details below are correct but always satisfy youself before purchase.
Neither myself nor the other contributors are responsible for any errors, omissions or consequential loss.

Espace I Phase II                                                                               Espace I (original)
(1988-1990)                                                                                      (1984-1987)

Espace I General (Phase I and Phase II  unless stated)  N.B: Quinton Hazell is under new ownership so their parts and numbers may have changed. 
Item Supplier Part number Notes
Wipers (front) Bosch 21S/21 Various makes can be had but I have always used these and had good results. A twin pack has one with spoiler (driver side) and one without (passenger side). They are 21" or 530mm long.
Wiper (rear) Bosch 16 Various makes can be had but I have always used Bosch and had good results. This one is 16" long.
Gas struts (tailgate) Quinton Hazell 128434 Renault number 6025006621
Picnic table struts Quinton Hazell 840084 (on the back of front seats)
Coil Intermotor 12300 1984/85
Coil Intermotor 12301 Ducellier.
Coil Intermotor 12306 Screw type LT connections.
Ignition module Intermotor 15891 Replaces Siemens with clip type connectors.
Ignition module Intermotor 15892 Replaces Motorola with screw type connections.
Coil with module Intermotor 12910 Coil complete with ignition module.
Renault 2.0 Engine J6R236 (Carburettor)    
Item Supplier Part number Notes
Spark plugs NGK BP6EF Various makes will work but these copper NGK are very good. Set gaps to 35 thou (0.9 mm) first.
Renault 2.0 Engine J7R760 (Injection)   Normal UK spec. 
Item Supplier Part number Notes
Oil filter Fram PH2856 20 mm x 1.5 pitch. 94 mm dia 98 mm high A good motor factor should stock these or an alternative.
Air filter Fram CA3154 A good motor factor should stock these or an alternative brand.
Fuel filter Fram G3829 A good motor factor should stock these or an alternative brand.
Spark plugs NGK BP7EFS Various makes will work but these copper NGK are very good. Set gaps to 35 thou (0.9 mm) first.
Plug leads NGK 8470 "Kit" King lead and four plug leads.
Distributor cap Valeo 667287  
Rotor arm Valeo 243910  
Valve stem sealsNew item Elring 294.110 Valve seals may not be in the gasket sets. Do NOT use any Victor Reinz seals with a white PTFE centre piece which are known to fail, unless fitted using protection sleeve. Use the valve stem seals from Elring.
Various engine gaskets British Gaskets Automotive Various BGA website British Gaskets click "catalogue" and follow the links to the "Renault" group for part numbers. They didn't sell directly at one time so you may need to obtain them through a motor factor.
Timing belt Gates K015058XS Complete belt kit for 2.0-litre engine, Renault number 7701468165 - Belt has 116 (square) teeth.
Tensioner Renault 7700692315 Timing belt tensioner for 2.0-litre engine.
Timing belt Renault 7700854163 Timing belt for 2.0-litre engine. Belt has 116 teeth.
Water pump Renault 7701463182 Same as R18D
Dolz R178 
Valeo 506076
Thermostat Renault 7701349415 Without seal! 88 degree. If you buy a third party thermostat they usually come with a seal.
Power steering belt Renault 7700690029 (13x824mm) The pump is fitted on lower right.
Alternator Renault 7700796904 This is the normally fitted 70 Amp unit Exch. 7701499442.
Cevam 4355 
Bosch 0 986 037 281 
Alternator belt Renault 7701349594 (10x994mm) The Gates belt is 10x1000m. Many other brands available.
Gates 6220mc
Starter Motor Valeo Renault 7700851491 Exch. 7701499480 Q/H 8013861
Cevam 3510 
Bosch 0 986 011 770 
Renault 2.2 Engine J7R770 (Emission)   Special Swiss spec. 
Item Supplier Part number Notes
Coil with module Valeo 245054 Coil complete with ignition module.
Distributor cap and rotor arm Valeo 243151 Kit of distributor cap and rotor arm.
Timing belt kit Gates K015059XS Complete belt kit for 2.2-litre engine, Renault number 7701468166 - Belt has 118 (rounded) teeth.
Tensioner Renault 7700692315 Timing belt tensioner, the same as on the 2.0-litre engine.
Timing belt Renault 7700856351 Timing belt for 2.2-litre engine. Belt has 118 teeth.
Alternator Renault 7700796907 This is the 105 Amp alternator (FRA840) fitted if air conditioning (with twin fans) is fitted.
Cevam 4301 
Bosch 0 986 040 031 
Alternator belt PIX-X'tra SPZX1000 (10x1013mm) Slightly longer belt for the 105 amp alternator.
Air con. belt Renault 7700749298 (13x790mm) First thing to note here is that the Series I Espace never had air con. as standard and the arrangement (certainly on mine) is that the air con. pump is on the right and driven from the crank by a longer belt. (13x870mm)
13 x 868 mm SPAX850
Power steering belt Renault 6025008759 (13x825mm) This is too long since the power strg. pump is above the air con. pump (on mine) and driven from it. (not on the left and driven from the crank) My belt is only 710mm long. These are single vee not poly-vee belts.
13 x 708 mm SPAX690 
Front Suspension      
Item Supplier Part number Notes
Coil Spring Renault/Matra 6025070414 Note front coil springs require a special tool to hold in place whilst the shock absorber strut is removed first, then coil spring can be released and changed.
Shock Absorbers Renault/Matra 6025006536/7 QH 879094 Coil spring requires a special tool to hold in place whilst shock absorber is replaced.
S/Absorber Bush Kit Renault/Matra 6025071264/5 Top kit (De Carbon/Allinquant or Sielas).
S/Absorber Bush Renault 7704002041 Lower bush in screw-on casing.
Upper ball joint Quinton-Hazell QSJ 976S Front upper joint Renault number 7701469228
Lower ball joint Quinton-Hazell QSJ 977S Front lower joint Renault number 7701465689
Steering Rack Gaiters Quinton-Hazell QG 1355/1094 7701469617 Pair in a box.
Track Rack Ends Quinton-Hazell QR 1768S 7701469231 TRE only (but see complete unit below at same Renault price!)
Steering track rod complete Quinton Hazell QDL 2172S TRE with arm and inner ball joint Renault 7701463025.
Anti-roll bar drop link kit Renault/Matra 6025004756 Sold per side, two needed for a car.
Wheel Bearing Quinton Hazell QWB467 Front (as Renault 7701462020)
Wheel Hub Quinton Hazell QWH145 Front (as Renault 7700715149)
Rear Suspension      
Item Supplier Part number Notes
Coil Spring Renault/Matra 6025112061 TRW JCS951 Note coil springs can be changed easily, no clamping required.
Shock Absorbers Renault/Matra 6025006618 or 6025008491 Quinton Hazell 127344
S/Absorber Bush Renault/Matra 6025070049 Only lower bush available, top is part of shock absorber.
Wheel Bearing Quinton Hazell QWB563 Rear for normal drum brake (as Renault 7701......)
Wheel Bearing Quinton Hazell QWB1084 Rear for Quadra with discs (as Renault 7701464049)
Hub bearing circlip Not available separately. Comes with bearing.
Clutch and Gearbox      
Item Supplier Part number Notes
Clutch kit Borg & Beck HK8938 Renault 7711134054 215mm 21 spline. Clutch kit for Petrol 2WD or 4WD.
Clutch Cable RHD Renault/Matra 6025003035 Manually adjustable, 1414mm length.
Clutch Cable LHD Renault/Matra 6025002833 Auto adjusting clutch pedal, 702mm length.
Reversing light switch FAE 41080 M16x1.0 Was QH XRLS14 White or Green, however, Quinton Hazell may no longer be supplying any of these parts after their takeover.
Quinton Hazell XRLS82
Quadra Exhaust System      
Downpipes Renault 6025005971 N.B. The Quadra needs a different exhaust system to the normal FWD Espace because the carbon fibre prop shaft and its heat shield are now where the 2WD Espace has the transverse front silencer! All these exhaust pieces are now generally unavailable and you need to consider having a custom stainless system made.
Quinton Hazell RN895K
Walker 14676
Front cross pipe Renault 6025006082 Series 1 Phase II Quadra model 1988-1990. This takes the system from the downpipes on the right across and down under the prop shaft heat shield to the rest of the system on the left.
Quinton Hazell RN896J
Walker 14677
Front Silencer Renault 6025007524 Series 1 Phase II Quadra model 1988-1990. This is often called the centre silencer, and mounts longitudinally unlike the 2WD front silencer which is mounted across the car. This is a plain oval box with inlet and outlets in the centre of the ends, unlike a Series 2 box which has the inlet and outlet offset right and left.
Quinton Hazell RN745G
Walker 14678
Long pipe between Silencers Renault 6025006079 Series 1 Phase II Quadra model 1988-1990. This has a 'humped' section towards the rear to go over the larger rear drive axle, unlike the simple cross tube rear axle of the front wheel drive only version.
Quinton Hazell RN746E
Walker 14679
Rear Silencer Renault 6025007449 Series 1 Phase II Quadra model 1988-1990.
Quinton Hazell RN744H
Walker 14680
Quadra Brake System      
Flexible Hoses Goodridge Aeroquip Made to pattern Race/aerospace quality braided hoses. But may be cheaper than standard rubber hoses. Agent: Earl's Performance Products, Silverstone. 01327 858221 sales@earls.co.uk
Front brake hose Renault 7704001948 All Series I Phase II models
Rear brake hoses Renault 7704001930 Quadra - Inner hose
Rear brake hoses Renault 7704001939 Quadra - Outer hose
Front brake pads EBC DP2464 "Greenstuff" material
Rear brake pads EBC DP2231 or DP2189 - Ditto - Quadra 12mm / 14mm thick pads (check thickness which will fit).
Caliper sliding pins Metzger 1305 These are 10mm dia with a 6mm small bolt, both the same.

Corrections and additions welcome -- webmaster Roy Gillard.

If you'd like to see other Matra models included -- send me some details!

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